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Internet Domain Name Disputes - The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP") is a policy adopted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names that provides a means for trademark owners to obtain domain names from "cybersquatters." Cybersquatters is the term for those who register an Internet domain name in bad faith (such as registering for $35 and attempting to sell it to American Express for $100,000). Many cases involving cybersquatters have already been decided, with courts generally ruling against the cybersquatters.

While federal law protects against cybersquatters, several years can elapse and many thousands of dollars in legal fees can be spent before a federal court will rule upon a case. A more cost-effective and timely resolution to cybersquatters is the filing of a Complaint under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy. The UDRP has become an effective weapon against cybersquatters, with over 80% of the rulings being for the plaintiff and resulting in the transfer of the domain name to the plaintiff. All domain name registrars, such as Network Solutions and, must follow the UDRP.

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