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The Cost of Free Design Logos

A few logo design sites provide free design logos. These logo design sites offer services ranging from free business logos, free logo designs, free business card logos, free corporate logos collection, free trademark logos and free logo art. Yet the one commonality of all the logo design sites offering free design logos is that the customer generally received little of value at the risk of greater trademark liability.

Logo design sites that offer free design logos often give no thought to how greatly your company's future image will be tied to the entire company logo collection. Worst, free design logos for many companies are often used from a small group of company logo samples. Consequently, creating a corporate logo from a logo design site offering free design logos increases the possibility of your trademark logo infringing upon a company logo collection that was also created from the same free corporate logos collection. Free design logos indirectly cost your company by creating a logo that has no bearing to your particular company with the logo design probably infringing upon another trademark logo. Trademark assistance from a trademark lawyer is clearly required when getting free design logos because the potential risk of infringement is greater.

Conversely, the best logo designing draws upon the unique aspects of your corporation and corporate identity brand building. The best logo designing will not only use your company's attributes when creating a corporate logo, but particularly when creating a whole company logo collection. Great logo design will provide you with numerous examples of business logos and logo design samples from their professional logo design portfolio. The logo design company will then use your feedback to narrow the potential company logo examples to a chosen few. Trademark assistance from a trademark attorney should be sought to review a trademark search report for each sample corporate logo. A trademark attorney should then draft a trademark application for the trademark logo with the least risk of infringing upon another mark. For more information on the aspects of logo design and registering a trademark click on How to Trademark a Logo.

Ironically, paying for the best logo designing and creating a corporate logo that reflects your corporate identity brand building can actually be cheaper than trying to get free logo design once you fully examine the true costs of free logo designs.

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