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Corporate Identity Brand Building By Utilizing a Company Logo Collection

Designing a company logo is often one of the first things done when creating a corporate identity. The best logo designing will have a common theme running through all of the logos. Having a common logo design theme will help increase the strength of the trademark logo while also creating corporate identity brand building.

Concerns of a Trademark Attorney

Ask any trademark attorney and they will state that the best logo designing incorporates a shared logo design running throughout the entire logo collection. The reasons why the entire corporate logo library should share the same design is because courts grant more weight to a trademark logo when there is a whole company logo collection with identical logo design. This corporate logos collection is called a "family" of marks.

A trademark lawyer also wants to ensure that designing a company logo is done in conjunction with a trademark search. Creating a company logo that is unique increases the likelihood that a trademark search will not find another similar company logo that has superior rights. A trademark attorney can provide trademark assistance to help you with trademark logos by filing a trademark application. A trademark filing of a trademark application is $325 regardless of whether the trademark application is for a trademark design, trademark logo or product name trademark. For more information read How to trademark a logo.

Additionally, many logo design sites will have logo creation tips on how to design a logo. These logo design sites may have a logo design faq section which will give information on creating a corporate logo. Ask these logo design sites to show company logo examples to see if they can create an entire corporate logos collection.

Concerns regarding Corporate Identity Brand Building Utilizing a Company Logo Collection

Great logo design also uses a common design throughout the entire collection to build corporate identity brand building. There are many stages in building brand awareness that creating a company logo collection can satisfy. The best logo design would be a trademark logo that consumers remember and the trademark logo is placed everywhere, for example on business card logos.

For ideas on creating a corporate logo and resulting corporate identity brand building, visit several logo design sites. The logo examples can be used to either design your own logo or provide logo design samples that will help your choice of logo design. Viewing many examples of business logos and a professional logo portfolio or two will provide enough samples to perfectly match your product and create a corporate logo.

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