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Fewer Benefits From a California Trademark Registration

A California trademark registration both costs less and provides less rights than a United States trademark registration. While this article solely focuses upon the trademark application and trademark registration process in California, the same analysis can generally be applied to other state trademark registrations.

Lower Costs for a California Trademark Registration

The filing fee for a California trademark application is only $70 versus $335 for a United States trademark application. Your California trademark application is very likely to successfully become a trademark registration, as California is much less demanding in their requirements for granting trademark registrations than the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office.

Fewer Benefits From a California Trademark Registration

As our article, Trademark Registration Benefits illustrates, receiving a federal trademark registration grants many invaluable rights. In contrast, a California trademark registration provides more limited trademark rights and these trademark rights can only be exercised within California. Consequently, you should consider filing a California trademark application only if at least one of the following criteria apply to you:

1) You conduct a large portion of your business in California;

2) You are unlikely to receive a trademark registration from the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office as determined by your trademark attorney.

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